EMS Training

What is electric muscle stimulation (EMS)?

Simply put, electric muscle stimulation trains your muscles in a way that traditional workouts alone cannot. EMS sends electronic pulses to your motor nerves in order to create muscle contractions. It is a "best kept secret" many elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts use to enhance their workouts and training programs, now available to YOU!  

When EMS is added to your training, it helps maximize your muscular effort by engaging a greater percentage of muscle fibers. EMS targets both Type 1 slow twitch muscle fibers which impact endurance and Type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers which impact power and explosiveness. 

Civilized Savage and Dallas-based PLAYMAKAR can help your training efficiency allowing for enhanced fitness results.

Benefits of Electrostimulation

Time Saver: Only 60 minutes of EMS training can replace 9 hours of traditional workout

Prevents Injuries: By training without additional load

Weight Loss: With a balanced diet and 60-minute workouts

Delays Muscle Fatigue: Training with almost no physical fatigue

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